Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Overbite Correction

Improve the shape of your face and facial profile by optimizing the bite without grinding down the teeth. Veneers can't do it.

Awarded LA's Best Cosmetic Dentist 2014

The key to having the best possible facial profile is by having the bite optimized to the patient's face. This treatment is available today without surgery, braces or tooth grinding.

- Dr. Sam Muslin

Being recognized as the top cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles is a tough call. There are dentists that talk a great line but cannot deliver natural looking porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers in Los Angeles have a notorious reputation of being too white, too thick and too bulky.

Small Chin & Overbite Corrected in 2 weeks

Bite Correction with no-prep veneers and Face Lift Dentistry
She was told she had to have braces and jaw surgery by three dentists in her home state. Her treatment in Santa Monica only took two weeks, no surgery, no grinding down her healthy teeth and she gets far fewer headaches. She flew across the country to get her facial profile improved, her chin position improved in just 2 weeks without surgery, fillers, braces or grinding down her teeth. This is the ultimate in high tech dentistry.

Preventing Premature Aging with Anti-Aging Dentistry

Anti-Aging Dentistry means entirely different treatment from one dental office to the next. Most dental offices are really offering traditional cosmetic dentistry that is now being called Anti-Aging Dentistry. However, in this dental office, the treatment is really “age reversing dentistry” and also referred to as "preventing premature aging dentistry" because the jaw is being repositioned with the exclusive VENLAY ® overbite correction restorations. Jaw repositioning is not possible with porcelain veneers. They are primarily a cosmetic dentistry restoration that is done on the front six upper teeth to improve just the patient’s smile.

"Smile Dentistry" and Cosmetic Dentistry generally don't improve health

The shape of your face, the size of your chin, facial support, lip support and head and neck tension are all related to the position of your jaw. The treatment for this type of overbite is the non-invasive Face Lift Dentistry® method because it improves the patient’s health without the risk of surgery. This patient flew half way across the country to be treated in Santa Monica for this high tech dentistry treatment that can quickly and easily change the shape of the patients face while improving their health in only two weeks. Click on the above photo to read more.

Face Lift Dentistry ® on The Doctors TV

Just look at the Movie Stars with those Hollywood smiles and try to imagine yourself with big white teeth. More patients than ever are considering cosmetic dentistry but there is so much bad cosmetic dentistry that patients are beginning to demand more quality. Hollywood stars typically have smiles that are so white and phony looking that it just is not practical treatment for the 99.9% of the rest of the population. Most of us want white teeth, but we want natural looking white teeth that are really believable. This takes artistry and a dentist that works on the porcelain personally. This method was featured on the nation wide “the Doctors” TV show.

One of the reasons that Dr. Sam Muslin was chosen LA’s Best Cosmetic Dentist for 2014 is that his work looks natural because he works on the porcelain VENALYS®, veneers and crowns for all of his patients personally. The before and after photos of his cosmetic dentistry, all of which are untouched and unaltered, have given him the validity to be called LA’s Best Dentist for 2014 - 2015. Why do his veneers look more natural? He works on every one of them himself. He directly supervises and personally works on the shades, the shapes and the design of all of the porcelain veneers for all of his patients. Dr. Muslin says, “It actually saves a lot of time to get the design right the first time even if I have to go to the lab on Sunday.”

Bad Veneers

Porcelain Veneer Replacement - Before and After
"I had bad porcelain veneers that were thick and fake looking. Then I discovered Dr. Sam Muslin
and flew in from another country see him. I am so shocked, I can't believe that my teeth look better than I ever thought was possible! He replaced the fake porcelain veneers
with ultra-thin veneers that are natural looking and feel so light and smooth.

Veneers are made by a variety of companies and the materials are all a little different. Interesting enough, brands as Lumineers® and Vivineers ® are popular and are widely advertised. The key element is not the best porcelain veneer but really the best dentist. The dentist has a lot of variations with how the veneers are bonded and the artistic element and experience of the dentist is about 99% in terms of how well the results will be.

Bad porcelain veneers are not usually the fault of the brand as much as the fault of the cosmetic dentist. Cheap porcelain veneers may not really be made of solid porcelain. Bad porcelain veneers are generally the fault of the shapes from the lab and the lack of light transmission skills of the bad cosmetic dentist. The benefits of getting great porcelain veneers the first time cannot be overstated but if you already have bad porcelain veneers, Dr. Sam Muslin has been replacing them for many years.

All the patients on this website are actual patients treated by Dr. Sam Muslin, a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist with more than 30 years experience in bite reconstruction dentistry and over 20 years of experience with orthodontics and orthopedic dentistry. It is the ultimate honor when your patients allow you to show full facial before and after pictures of their cosmetic dentistry.

Patients come from Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City, Brentwood, Malibu, Marina del Rey, and several other cities across the US, Europe and Asia for cosmetic dentistry including Porcelain Veneers, Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges, Teeth Whitening - and lately Dr. Muslin's remarkable Face Lift Dentistry ®.

Bite Correction Dentistry (without surgery or braces)

Porcelain veneers do not correct a bad bite but there is a type of restoration that corrects overbites and under bites developed by Dr. Sam Muslin that he calls his exclusive VENLAY  ® bite correcction restorations that is designed to improve the bite and the entire face. His treatment can correct the overbite and under bite without grinding down the healthy tooth structure. The results for the patient below have been life changing. She had been clenching and grinding her teeth.

Preventing Premature Aging with Tooth Protection and Bite Correction

Her face was getting shorter, her teeth were getting shorter and her tooth enamel was getting thinner. Her overbite was getting deeper and when she realized that she could have her bite corrected, her smile wider and her teeth permanently whiter, she decided to get Face Lift Dentistry  ® to improve her health and protect her teeth.

Overbite correction is one of the key elements of success with VENLAY ® restorations and when you look at the patient below, you can see that she had a good smile before treatment was started. However, after treatment she has a great smile that looks completely natural along with overbite correction that gave her a new high tech dentistry protective layer over all of the biting surfaces of her teeth.

The Non-Invasive Secret to Overbite Correction

Bite Correction with no-prep veneers and Face Lift Dentistry
"I love that Dr. Muslin saved my natural teeth. None of my teeth had to be ground down. Dr. Muslin is the best cosmetic dentist!" This patient received the best in overbite correction, cosmetic dentistry and Face Lift Dentistry ® in one plan that took just a few weeks.  Most patients do not stay in Santa Monica for the 2 or three weeks, they usually fly back home and return later.

Augment Your Face and with an Ideal Jaw Position

Sometimes when a bite is completely worn down and is experiencing a degree of bite collapse, the face is collapsed, the lips are thin, and the shape of her chin looks smaller. With no-prep VENLAY ® restorations, she will prevent premature aging and get the best possible jaw position that augments the bone structure and the soft tissues of her face. Patients are living a lot longer than ever before and the teeth are generally worn down by the time they are only 65 years of age. Worn down teeth mean bad bites, slurry speech and lost chewing power.

Additionally, the patient begins waking up at night more often because of breathing difficulty resulting form the loss of space for the tongue as the bite wears down. Dr. Muslin has found that most dentists are doing mouth reconstructions that do not get results that are optimal. The patient needed Face Lift Dentistry ® in order to get the jaw in the right three-dimensional position to achieve better breathing and room for the tongue. Another key element is the quality of the equipment and the design of the office.

Bite Reconstruction Results Vary Widely Between Dentists

Our office is arguably the safest high-tech cosmetic dentistry office in Los Angeles and the USA. The walls are lead lined to protect again radiation. The water going through the dental units is distilled water. Our dental unit water lines are disinfected regularly. The air in the office has two levels of electronic air purification and we have power doors on our treatment rooms to protect against airborne bacteria and virus. The comfort of each and every patient during treatment and the speed in which we deliver your care is directly related to Dr. Sam Muslin's high-tech cosmetic dentist environment and top quality dental team.

Our treatment rooms are designed with ceiling-mounted televisions. Intraoral cameras enable the closest possible examination of your teeth and gums. And our interactive DVD video system helps us explain your treatment.

Dr. Sam Muslin is a Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist who has the artistic and cosmetic dental skills necessary for those who require extensive dentistry such as Face Lift Dentistry ® (or aDental Face Lift ®) or full mouth reconstruction or less complex cosmetic enhancements such as porcelain veneers, enamel shaping, dental implants, dental crowns or teeth whitening. His skill, combined with the latest technologies can improve your health and dramatically revitalize your appearance.

Full Mouth Reconstruction - Extreme Makeover

When a full mouth reconstruction is completed in Dr. Muslin’s office, it is always combined with his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment. His goal is simple. He is designing the absolute best jaw position, facial length, facial support, dental health, neuromuscular stress reduction and profile improvement that is humanly possible for each patient at this particular point in their lives. He studies their faces, their speech patterns, their chewing ability and jaw pain. He engineers the teeth and the bone structure of the face and jaw to function for the first time in the patient’s life, in harmony.

Dentistry that Reverses Aging

Full Mouth Reconstruction
Before and After Full Mouth Reconstruction: "I looked on the Internet for a cosmetic dentist with the proven ability to handle my full mouth reconstruction. Quite frankly, I doubted that there was such a dentist. Then I found Dr. Sam Muslin's site and I decided
to give this one final chance. Everything the other dentists did in my mouth failed, this is the first time that I have gone for several years and did not need more treatment"

There are many Cosmetic Dentists who can make you look better but generally does not address health concerns that improve the shape of your face. Yet, bite and mouth reconstruction dentistry combined with cosmetic dentistry and along with TMJ or jaw joint dentistry can transform the entire face of a person for the rest of their lives. This is the secret that forms the foundation of a Dental Facelift  ®.

Each person featured on this Cosmetic Dentistry website presents a different complex problem and was successfully treated to their satisfaction. Read about other case studies and advise from Dr. Sam Muslin on The High-tech Dentistry Blog.

The Best Jaw Position for Your Face

How can a cosmetic dentist improve your health?

With biologically compatible dental materials and all infection removed the health of the patient is improved. The porcelain can add color and luster to your teeth to look completely natural.

Some porcelain technologies are better adapted to certain dental situations. The cosmetic dentist has to understand the advantages and disadvantages of all of the porcelain systems available today in order to give the patient the best possible technology and durability. Los Angeles cosmetic dentist Sam Muslin is world renowned for his Porcelain Veneer work. Many of his patients have experienced an incredible anti-aging benefit with his unique Face Lift Dentistry ® transformations because he understands the correlation between the facial profile, the lip support, the TMJ and the natural beauty of each person's face. The combination of everything to create the ultimate is the definition of Face Lift Dentistry ® by Dr. Muslin.

Face Lift Dentistry ®

The goal of Face Lift Dentistry ® is to treat the face, the bite and the health of the entire body by maximizing the potential of the patient's teeth to support the face, lips and cheeks.

Once a patient's bite is restored and lifted, facial appearance becomes naturally smoothed out, small wrinkles are reduced, and lips are fuller. Restylane or Botox cosmetic injections are NEVER required every 5 to 9 months for the rest of your life to maintain results. This is where the revolutionary Face Lift Dentistry ® procedure proves that a facelift is possible without Botox or Restylane and can be totally non-invasive. He can complete his treatment without a shot, without drilling down health teeth and without surgery. Face Lift Dentistry ® can prevent premature aging and is a non-surgical procedure.

Some people have a deep overbite that contributes to a short lower face, while others have a short lower face attributed to years of grinding and the natural wearing down of tooth structure. Face Lift Dentistry ® restores the cusp tips of the teeth to rebuild the bite, resulting in better chewing ability, increased facial height, and a more youthful face. His treatment is ideal for overbite correction and non-surgical under bite correction.

If you need an Advanced Cosmetic Dentist, contact our office today for an appointment or discuss your particular issues at (310) 829-6796.

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